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Experience Perfection In Every Can:

The system utilizes a proprietary blend of chemicals that undergo activation upon interaction with 40% water during operation, leading to the generation of temperatures soaring up to 90°C, ensuring highly effective and efficient heating.


Chemical Activation

Chemical Activation

The system employs chemicals that activate by combining with 40% water during use, generating temperatures of up to 90°C for efficient heating.

Curvy Body Structure

Curvy Body Structure

The cans feature a riveted, curvy body structure achieved through a simple press, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.



The can heater can be produced separately, offering compatibility with existing cans in the market.

What is

CannBoil offers a unique can designed to heat canned food quickly and conveniently. CanBoil features a dual-layered design with a chemical powder placed between the layers. By combining water with the chemical powder, the can generates a controlled temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, effectively heating the contents of the can.

Solving Challenges with Innovative Technology

CanBoil addresses significant challenges related to on-the-go food consumption. Carrying utensils and portable gas stoves for heating canned foods pose safety risks, contributing to approximately 1,000 annual deaths. The lack of a convenient heating system has led to a decrease in the market size for canned foods, as people are hesitant to use them in travel, camping, and working spaces. CanBoil’s innovative solution eliminates the need for external heating devices, providing a safer and more efficient way to warm canned food, thereby revolutionizing the convenience and accessibility of on-the-go meals

Lightweight</br> Design


Compact Size

Compact Size

Cost-Effective Materials

Cost-Effective Materials


CannBoil consists of two layers, with a chemical powder placed between them. This design ensures efficient and controlled heating of the food.

Rapid heating  

By combining water with the chemical powder, the can generates a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius within approximately seven minutes.

Lightweight and

CannBoil is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for outdoor activities, travel, and on-the-go meals.

Our Team

Masoomeh Kia

Operating Manager

Alireza Abotalebi


Imanal Sadat Dibaji

Director of business development

Shahram Saeid

Chief technology officer

An Exciting journey of collaboration

These partnerships mark a significant milestone in our journey as we collectively strive to shape a future that brims with exciting possibilities and groundbreaking advancements.

Instant Heat, Anywhere You Eat!

An innovative food can with a built-in heating system, revolutionizing on-the-go meal preparation.