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Our Team

Masoomeh Kia

Operating Manager

Masoomeh Kia has been a dedicated Director of Operations at CannBoil since January 2021. In this capacity, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills. Responsible for overseeing and coordinating operational functions, Masoomeh Kia has played a vital role in enhancing efficiency and maintaining high standards within the company. Her strategic approach and attention to detail have contributed significantly to the optimization of workflow.

Alireza Abotalebi


Alireza Abotalebi is a visionary Chief Executive Officer at CannBoil, spearheading innovation in the food industry by introducing stylish cans equipped with a unique self-healing feature. With a year of leadership experience at CannBoil, he has demonstrated a keen ability to ideate, plan, and implement forward-thinking business strategies. Alireza efficiently manages the company’s assets and liabilities, serving as the figurative head of the organization and making impactful decisions to drive success. His strategic mindset is reflected in the setting and achievement of measurable goals, contributing significantly to CannBoil’s position as an industry leader in innovative food packaging.

Imanal Sadat Dibaji

Director of Business Development

Imanal Sadat Dibaji is a dedicated and results-oriented professional currently serving as the Director of Business Development at CannBoil in Esfahan, Iran. With nearly two years of experience in this pivotal role, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision. Imanal Sadat Dibaji excels in driving business development initiatives, actively contributing to CannBoil’s strategic expansion. Her adeptness in cultivating and nurturing partnerships, along with her keen ability to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities, has played a crucial role in the company’s overall success.

Shahram Saeid

Chief technology officer

Shahram Saeid is an accomplished Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CannBoil in Tehran, Iran, leading technological advancements for 1 year and 8 months. He plays a key role in shaping and executing the company’s tech strategy, aligning it seamlessly with business goals. Shahram excels in discovering and implementing cutting-edge technologies, providing CannBoil with a competitive edge. His expertise extends to optimizing system infrastructure, ensuring quality assurance, and monitoring IT budgets. Through effective communication, he contributes significantly to CannBoil’s technological prowess and overall success.