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About Us

Carrying utensils and portable gas stoves to heat canned foods and the lack of a heating system kill about 1,000 people a year. One of the main problems with using food cans in travel, camping, and working spaces is that people cannot warm them up quickly and adequately, causing to decrease in market size and making people reluctant to use canned food. Therefore, here at CanBoil we planned to design the product for heating up canned food. This conserve can be used for any type of food which for eating we should warm. The chemical powder used between the 2 layers in this product is not dangerous for health, although the chemical container is not connected directly to eat container in conserve.

Our goal

The goal of CannBoil is to revolutionize the way people heat canned food by providing an innovative and convenient solution.

Our Team

Masoomeh Kia

Operating Manager

Alireza Abotalebi


Imanal Sadat Dibaji

Director of business development

Shahram Saeid

Chief technology officer

Exciting journey of collaboration

These partnerships mark a significant milestone in our journey as we collectively strive to shape a future that brims with exciting possibilities and groundbreaking advancements.