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CannBoil Company has proactively safeguarded its innovative product by filing an Intellectual Property (IP) application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) with the reference number PCT/IB2022/050929. The decision to pursue international protection signals the company’s interest in expanding its market globally. Notably, the owners and inventors of this IP are also shareholders in CannBoil Company, indicating a strong alignment of interests. This close association underscores their collective commitment to the company’s success. With PCT protection, CannBoil is well-positioned for international negotiations, demonstrating its dedication to leveraging intellectual property assets for global business opportunities and growth.

Certificate of Incorporation

An official document issued by the government or a pertinent regulatory body confirming the formation and formal registration of a company. The Certificate of Incorporation symbolizes CannBoil’s commitment to reshaping the food packaging landscape. With a focus on innovation, safety, and market expansion, CannBoil is set to redefine how consumers perceive and use canned foods. This incorporation is not just a legal formality but a declaration of CannBoil’s dedication to a smarter, safer culinary experience. Welcome to the CannBoil revolution—where every can signify progress in the world of food innovation.